Report Detail

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Every project is unique and the recommended actions will be specific to the particular needs of your business and your website.

As a guide however, there are seven types of activity:

SEO Implementation

To implement SEO in a thorough and methodical way to ensure that as many opportunities are achieved as possible to ensure relevance against what people are searching for to convince Google that your website is the best result.

  • Custom Implementation
    • Dependent on the outcome of a detailed and methodical review as no two projects are ever the same
  • Action Plan
    • A detailed action plan will be produced and followed to ensure complete optimisation
  • Results Tracking
    • Statistics will be gathered before implementation against which to measure results

Google Review

Essentially making sure that Google is configured properly so that it will reward your site with the highest quality score:

  • Google Business Entry
    • Also known as Google ‘Local’ for map placement and local results on Google
  • Google Analytics
    • Crucial to help understand the behaviour of your audience when they arrive on the website
    • Provides visitor statistics which can be used to provide insight into the success of a project
  • Google Webmaster Tools
    • Crucial to authenticate the site with Google which benefits SEO
    • Sitemaps ensure that Google is able to know of all content for indexing
    • Provides additional insight into how people are searching and using the site

SEO Keyword Analysis

This detailed analysis and report is worth its weight in gold in terms of the knowledge it gives us, not just for SEO but also for your business as a whole with an insight into what people are searching for and how they are searching to determine demand and how to write the content to match that demand.

This report is crucial in providing us with the knowledge to know what people are searching for to fully understand the market, what keywords and phrases to use, how to use them in the correct context as well as understand the evolving nature of Google AI and the role it plays in staying ahead of the game. The output of the report is important not just for SEO but also other aspects of the business including traditional forms of marketing and even social media.

It is the key report that usually dictates the success of the overall project.

The report includes:

  • Executive Summary
    • A high-level explanation of findings
  • Keyword Opportunities & Priorities
    • Valuable keywords to exploit opportunities to improve ranking based on demand
  • Website Review
    • Target market, optimising visitor traffic and conversion rates
  • SEO Strategy
    • How to approach implementation to maximise exploitation of opportunities
  • Proposed Structure and Layout
    • Advice on website page changes to benefit increased search result relevance
  • Action Plan
    • A to-do list, prioritised by pages and content to work from for implementation
  • SEO Keyword Analysis
    • Detailed analysis of keywords vs search demand with seasonal trend analysis
    • Tables and charts revealing monthly search keyword results and numbers
    • Interpretation of results based on user behaviour, phrasing, market, demand
    • Additional information as relevant
  • SEO Associated Keywords
    • Inclusion of associated keywords as identified by Google’s AI
  • SEO Benchmarking Template
    • Document to help you record search position for a number of key search phrases
  • Tutorial Video
    • Taking you through how to implement the SEO improvements

Content Writing Guide

Knowing ‘how’ to implement SEO in a website is what is required to make your website more relevant to match what people are searching for and this document will help you do that. Aimed at helping people understand the intricacies and nuances of SEO but importantly how to actually approach writing for the web to ensure optimal SEO in everything that is written.

By following this guide you will effectively become an SEO content writer.

  • Content Writing Guide
    • Explaining how to write content, what to do and what not to do to improve ranking
  • Example content from the website, before writing and after content re-writing
    • It helps to use real examples in context so you understand how to write for the web
  • More information on how Google works
    • To help with awareness of what can influence national and local ranking
  • Tips & Tricks
    • Information to help ensure that your website climbs the ranks
  • Tools & Utilities
    • Providing tools that can help you measure your own SEO implementation

Competitor Analysis

Beating your competitors is the key to achieving a high ranking on Google but you must understand how your competitors are achieving those ranks in the first place. By analysing their sites, we can identify how they getting their high ranking and what needs to be done to, hopefully, knock them off their spot.

The report includes:

  • Executive Summary
    • A high-level explanation of findings
  • Priority Keywords
    • The keywords they are using, in what density and phrasing across the site
  • Structure and Layout
    • How the competitor organies their content to improve relevance
  • Action Plan
    • To produce a to-do list, prioritised by pages and content to beat the competitor(s)
  • Content Writing Guide
    • Explaining how to write content, what to do to beat the competitor
  • SEO Keyword Analysis
    • Detailed analysis of keywords from the competitor site
    • Tables and charts revealing associated keyword density
    • Interpretation of results based on identified keywords and phrasing
    • Comparative information between competitor and yourself
  • SEO Associated Information
    • Any additional information that is important or relevant
  • SEO Benchmarking
    • Total pages, where rank against the competitor for future analysis

Website Analysis

Looking at the current website, how it is configured, how it performs, the speed of response, all of the factors that determine the overall quality score from Google which will have an impact on ranking. I also look at the visitor journey and the user experience utilising knowledge of visitor psychology and accessibility which can have an impact on accessibility issues and even legal issues.

  • Executive Summary
    • A high-level explanation of findings
  • Technical Assessment
    • Location, hosting, platform
  • Proposed Action Plan
    • Findings, recommendations and solutions
  • Performance
    • Performance benchmarking, speed of response
  • Structure & Layout
    • Content, pages, categories, products, etc.
  • SEO Elements
    • Current usage and effectiveness of SEO critical elements
  • User Journey
    • Visitor experience and presentation
  • Google Services
    • Confirm setup of Google services, including Sitemap, Analytics, etc

Periodic Review

Reviewing what has been done is an essential part of the whole process as you need to measure improvement from implementation and assess those results so that performance can be monitored and any additional actions be specified and prioritised in accordance with the overall aims of the project.

Including one or more of the following:

  • Visitor Statistics
    • Looking at the latest statistics to determine the number of visitors, length of time on site etc
  • Detailed Visitor Statistics
    • Looking deeper in terms of geography to assess ‘relevant’ visitor traffic, type of devices, demographics, etc
  • Google Index Review
    • To ensure that Google has indexed all pages and to resolve any issues to ensure as close to 100% as possible
  • Google Sitemap Issues
    • Reviewing the sitemap content indexed in relation to website content
  • Google Console Error Reporting
    • To be proactive in responding to issues before they can impact on SEO
  • Search Engine Placement Results
    • Reviewing the position of the website in relation to specific search phrases, results returning, change in position, etc
  • Competitor Placement Results
    • Reviewing the position of the website in relation to its competitors and what can be done to achieve better results
  • Reviewing Search Keywords
    • Looking at how search phrases are evolving or change according to seasonal trends
  • Content Review
    • Carry out an SEO analysis on any content that has been added to the site or changed

These reviews can be carried out monthly, quarterly or at a period that is specific to your project. The format of the review will be discussed and agreed and often can change over time.

Every project is unique and so is the service we provide.