SEO Expert
My name is Rob Wassell and I am an expert in Search Engine Optimisation and a leading SEO specialist.

I first used the internet in 1989 (believe it or not) and I built my first website in 1994 - from those early experiences I was hooked.

I could see the potential of the internet and not only how it could enrich and improve all of our lives but importantly the impact it could have to do business.

'SEO' has been an important consideration for websites since the days of the first indexers and the early search engines - my path was set.

I've held senior positions with leading organisations and been instrumental in helping them become world-leading and award-winning in their respective fields. This has given me an all-round knowledge to business and how to achieve success.

95% of my work comes through recommendation but I am also very happy to help others who need help with their SEO.

I work with small and medium-sized businesses all the way up to large, nationwide UK and international companies and PLCs.

I also provide SEO consultancy services for website designers, digital agencies, marketing companies and PR companies to add a cost-effective SEO resource to their existing team.

SEO research helps in many ways, from optimisation of the website itself but also to help with marketing strategy, market opportunities, geographic targeting, seasonal trend analysis, trends, market demand, competitor analysis and so much more.

This information is literally worth its weight in gold to any business and I often work with entrepreneurs who have  business idea and want to check whether there is a demand and a market before investing heavily into the project.

To me SEO isn't just about keywords and phrases - it is the whole thing - the big picture - and that really can help drive a business forward.

If you would like me to help with your SEO, please get in touch or give me a call on 07900 573868 for an informal chat about your search engine optimisation needs.

Rob Wassell
SEO Expert

"Rob said he would get us to number one on Google and he succeeded. I am very impressed."

“It’s easy to see why Rob comes so highly recommended.”

“We are so grateful for the amazing work you are doing. It has made an incredible difference.”

“An excellent piece of work.”

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